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Resident Support

We spend most of our time indoors, so breathing healthy air where we live is critical. You deserve smoke-free living.

Secondhand smoke contains over 7,000 chemicals, and at least 250 of these chemicals are known to be toxic. The effects of smoking travel far and wide, affecting much more than just the smoker themselves.
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Property Owners and Managers

Smoke-free properties are an attractive choice to many potential residents.

The economic benefits of implementing a smoke-free policy can make the decision to go smoke-free much easier.
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Latest In The News

JL Gray commits to go smokefree in properties across New Mexico

May 12, 2017
Bobby Griffith, the Chief Finance Officer of JL Gray, recently signed an internet to work with the American Lung Association in New Mexico, and transition all of the company's 118 properties to smoke-free.

Public housing smoking rates high

March 15, 2017
For the first time, researchers have used linked datasets from HUD and CDC to generate estimates of smoking behaviors and smoking-related health outcomes among U.S. adults receiving federal housing assistance.

Owners, Residents Thrive In Smoke-Free Communities

February 16, 2017
To stay competitive, apartment owners are seeking opportunities to provide attractive living amenities aligning with renters’ lifestyles. Smoke-free living is one approach that owners have recognized that can make them more appealing to...


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