Asthma and Air Quality

August 30, 2013

(May 1, 2013)— Clean air is an important health concern for all of us. But when you have asthma, air quality indoors and out can make all the difference in the world. Car exhaust, smoke, road dust and factory emissions can make outdoor air dangerous, while tobacco smoke, dust mites, molds, cockroaches, pet dander and household chemicals are just a few of the indoor hazards. For the nearly 26 million Americans with asthma, including 7 million children, unhealthy air can create a difficult barrier to asthma management. Although the condition can’t be cured, it can be controlled. The Lung Association is here to help you breathe easier by making the connection between air quality - indoor and out - and your asthma. A “trigger” for this condition is anything that causes symptoms making it difficult to breathe. While an asthma trigger can be many things, from exercise, extreme temperatures, to even stress, some of the most common triggers are impurities in the air. Being aware of what’s in the air, and things you can do to reduce the risk is an important key to living an active and healthy life with asthma. Read more...


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